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When you need a restoration project done on your home or office, the professionals at United Water Restoration are ready to help! We offer our services 24 hours day, 7 days a week and guarantee your satisfaction with our services. Call us today for your free estimate!

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At United Water Restoration we know natural disasters can occur at any time. As Cypress's go-to for emergency response, we're available to our community at all hours. Whether you have a small amount of damage to your residence, or need major emergency restoration services, our team has you covered! Our team takes the time to access the damage on each home or office we service, and provides our clients with a free estimate before each job.

Services We Provide:

  • Residential Water Damage
  • Commercial Water Damage
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • Water Extractions
  • Structural Dryout
  • Free Estimates
  • Sewage Clean Up
  • Flood Restoration
  • Deodorization
  • Direct Billing
  • IICRC Services
  • And Much More!

Water damage in your home can be costly and traumatic to deal with on your own. Our company offers each of our clients free estimates for each job and affordable prices to keep you within your budget. We also manage direct billing to your insurance company so you can skip the stress of having to speak with your insurance company for hours. Don't let the damage build up in your home, our team is waiting for your call. 


  • Emergency Water Damage

    Cypress Emergency Water Damage Restoration

    Cypress Emergency Water Damage Restoration

    When a water emergency strikes, you need help fast. The professional water damage restoration specialists at United Water Restoration have years of experience helping property owners fix water damage issues quickly and correctly. We understand that water damage emergencies are impossible to predict, which is why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with your Cypress water damage problem.

    We're available to assist in your water emergency 24/7!

    It's important to act quickly when your home or business is affected by severe water damage from a flood or other major water issue. The faster you take action, the more likely you may be to prevent even further damage. Our team will quickly come to your property to assess the situation and develop a solution to minimize the long term damage to your property.

    Whether you experience a major kitchen flood in the middle of the night or you wake up to find the washer has leaked all over the kitchen floor, United Water Restoration is there for you. We have team members standing by to assist you any time, day or night. We understand how stressful a flood can be, so let our team take the stress out of water clean up and call us today!

    If you're a property owner who has experienced a flood or other water disaster, call 832-789-3957 now for immediate assistance with your Cypress water damage issue.

  • Flood Restoration

    Cypress Flood Restoration

    Cypress Flood Restoration

    If you own a building that has suffered a flood, the water restoration experts at United Water Restoration are standing by ready to help. We pride ourselves in responding to flood damage as soon as possible, as quick action is often critical in order to prevent serious structural issues that often accompany severe water damage.

    What do I do if I experience a flood?

    The key to any successful flood restoration is to first eliminate the source of the water and to then remove all traces of standing water. At United Water Restoration, we use the most advanced technology to dry out your home or business after a flood. To best prevent mildew, mold, or other moisture-related issues, it is important to properly extract all standing water and ensure its surroundings are dry. Our team of water restoration specialists have years of experience when it comes to flood restoration and will work hard to return your building to its pre-disaster state as quickly and safely as possible!

    Who do I call for help with flood clean up?

    When dealing with any water emergency, it's important to choose a licensed, experienced restoration company. The United Water Restoration team has years of industry experience and is fully licensed and insured. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will even work directly with your insurance company to help take the stress out of the claims process.

    Contact us at 832-789-3957 for professional flood restoration services in Cypress.

  • Working with Insurance

    Cypress Water Damage Restoration Insurance Services

    Working With Your Insurance Company

    When you've experienced a flood or other water disaster, the last thing you want to do is deal with your property owner's insurance. At United Water Restoration, we are experienced in working with insurance companies and know how to help you make sure you get the coverage you pay for!

    How can United Water Restoration help with property insurance claims?

    Many common causes of water damage are often covered by property owner's insurance, including floods from bursting or breaking pipes, dishwasher leaks, water heater leaks, washing machines leaks, toilet overflows, and more. But some other damage, such as flooding from a major storm, might not offer any coverage at all. Navigating through the tricky language of your insurance policy can add unnecessary stress to you as you work to recover your property after severe water damage.

    At United Water Restoration, we have experienced staff members dedicated to ensuring you get the most coverage out of your insurance policy. We bill your insurance company directly, which means you never have to worry about filing the correct forms or staying on hold trying to get ahold of your insurance representative. We aim to take every bit of stress away during this trying time and will do everything we can to move the claims process along.

    With years of experience in water damage restoration, the experts at United Water Restoration are familiar with various types of insurance coverage. We will work with your insurance company to help get as much of your restoration project covered as possible. Let the pros at United Water Restoration help make this stressful process easier on you and restore your Cypress area home or business to its pre-flood condition.

    If you've experienced water damage in Cypress, let United Water Restoration handle everything from flood clean up through filing your insurance claims. Call 832-789-3957 now for help with all your water restoration needs!

  • Water Extraction & Dryout

    Cypress Water Removal and Extraction

    Cypress Water Removal & Drying

    Whether from a burst pipe or water heater leak, standing water at your home or office is not to be taken lightly! If you own a property that has significant water from a flood, United Water Restoration can help you return your building to a safe, comfortable environment as quickly and safely as possible. 

    Expert Water Extraction & Structural Drying in Cypress

    The key to a successful water damage restoration is quickly removing all standing water so your structure can dry. Once the water is extracted, our team will go to work drying your structure with high grade fans and other drying equipment If left untreated, water damage can cause problems, such as mold or mildew, which are not only harmful to the structural integrity of your building, but can have serious health consequences for friends, family, and guests.

    At United Water Restoration, we are properly licensed to handle even the most severe water removal jobs. We use the latest in water extraction and drying technology to make sure every bit of water is removed and your building is no longer at risk. Our team follows the highest industry standards and will work hard to return your home or office to its pre-disaster state.

    Contact us today at 832-789-3957 so we can help you with Cypress water extraction and structural drying services.

  • Residential Water Damage

    Cypress Residential Water Damage Restoration

    Cypress Residential Water Damage Restoration

    Residential water damage is usually unexpected and can be caused by a variety of things, including broken pipes, washing machines, leakage and overflows from water heaters, refrigerators, roof leaks, dishwashers, sewer backups, and more. At United Water Restoration, we understand that it is very discomforting to see your home flooded and are here to help you quickly return your home to a safe, dry environment.

    We are experts in residential water damage issues and are committed to providing prompt, thorough service. Our highly trained water damage restoration technicians will make you feel at ease with their experience and knowledge to handle nearly any kind of residential water damage problem.

    To restore your home to its pre-damage condition, correct drying of the affected areas is essential. This will ensure that dangerous substances, such as mildew and mold, can't grow. At United Water Restoration, we will not only quickly extract water from your home, but our highly trained water damage technicians will make sure that your home is properly dried out to prevent any future problems with mold or mildew. 

    At United Water Restoration, we are here to ensure that your home is restored as quickly and as professionally as possible. In order to minimize the damage and restore your home to pre-flood conditions, our highly trained restoration professionals are ready to act quickly to solve your water damage issue. Best of all, we work directly with your insurance company to help you save time on your property owners insurance claim.

    Contact today at 832-789-3957 so we can assist you with your Cypress water damage issue.

  • Commercial Water Damage

    Cypress Commercial Water Damage Restoration

    Cypress Commercial Water Damage Restoration

    At United Water Restoration, we understand that water damage and flooding can do untold damage to your business. Floods are the single most costly disaster in the United States, causing over a billion dollars in damage per year, and can be especially damaging when they hinder or stop your company's regular business.

    If your business has experienced a recent flood, the professionals at United Water Restoration can help. Give us a call as soon as possible after the flood or water damage occurs, as often times flooding and water damage need to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent potential permanent structural damage or harmful mold and mildew growth.

    The United Water Restoration team is committed to using modern drying technology and water damage repair techniques to restore your business to its pre-flood condition. We pride ourselves in our quick response time and our highly trained water damage restoration professionals will make you feel at ease about your commercial water damage issue. We have the experience and the know how to handle any kind of commercial water damage problem, from sewage backups to water heater leaks.

    Contact us today at 832-789-3957 so we can help you with your Cypress commercial water damage issue.

  • Sewage Clean Up

    Cleaning Sewage Back Up in Cypress

    Cypress Sewage Clean Up

    Similarly to your drain pipes, the sewer line in your home can become clogged, causing backups which often lead to major water damage emergencies. Though clogs from non-flushable items are the most common cause of sewer backups, other causes such as tree roots or collapsed city lines can result in a devastating backup of highly contaminated water. Even if your home or business uses a septic system, backups can still occur, primarily from clogs, and have the same potentially costly effects.

    Unlike a flood caused by an overflowing sink, for example, sewage water easily transmits hazardous pathogens. As a result, it is highly recommended you hire a professional sewage damage removal company like United Water Restoration to safely, and properly handle your sewage clean up project. Our team has the proper training to know where it is safe to enter the building, how to safely dispose of the contaminated water, and when it is safe to re-enter your property.

    When you experience a sewage backup, it's important to not try to resolve the issue on your own. Because issues with your sewer system can affect the entire neighborhood, you need a licensed professional to resolve your sewage backup issue. United Water Restoration is licensed to handle nearly any residential or commercial sewage cleanup issue and is committed to performing the work as quickly as possible.

    Contact us today at 832-789-3957 to schedule an appointment for Cypress sewage clean up.

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  • Great company! Upon calling to get an estimation, they responded and showed up within a couple hours. Very knowledgeable and professional about my situation and really helped find all the water damaged areas of my home, even spots that I didn't know were affected. Quick to get the situation remedied and always worked with me to get the job completed in a timely manner. Always willing to give professional advice on fixing the water damage the best way possible and didn't cut any corners. Completed my home with quality work and in a very professional manner. I highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to get water remediation completed the correct way!

    - Johari F.
  • United Water Restoration did a fantastic job addressing our unexpected water issue. Within an hour they were present at our house and addressing the issue with all of their own commercial grade equipment. They dealt with our insurance company as their services are billed to insurance directly, alleviating the stress of billing to us. They also were very supportive in advising on the issue and how to best proceed in the repairs and gave great recommendations. They completely addressed the remediation without us needing to do anything ourselves. I highly recommend their services to anyone if the unfortunate event occurs requiring any water cleanup.

    - Darrick P.
  • I was very pleased with the professional manner and promptness in the way that Jason handled my situation. He was very understanding and helpful with all of my questions. He was able to give me all of the answers that I needed. I would highly recommend him and his services in the future!

    - D.S.
  • Great service would highly recommend if anyone in the spring area is looking for on time responsible service this is where to go.

    - Daniel M.

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United Water Restoration is a licensed and insured full-service damage restoration company. Our company specializes in restoring both commercial and residential properties and has the tools and experience to handle each job. Our team consists of several trained technicians with over ten years of experience who know the ins and outs of restoring homes and offices after severe weather damage. With our 24-hour emergency service and skilled restoration techniques, our team is ready to help you at any time of day or night.  

We believe in quality customer care and open communication with all of our clients. We take the time to ensure our clients are kept in the loop and know exactly what kind of work in being done on their residence and each step within the restoration process. We know restoring your home of office can be stressful after a traumatic event. Our company takes pride in taking care of each of our clients. From the beginning of the restoration process to direct billing, we keep our clients and their budget in mind every step of the way.   

For restoration services in the greater Cypress area, call us today at 832-789-3957.  

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